2017 Mowing Schedule

   2017 TCE Mowing List
Mowers please mow anytime Friday or early Saturday Morning of your weekend.
Do not forget the area across from the pavilion. If you are unable to mow on your scheduled day please use the club website directory to contact the mower of the date before or after your date to swap days.
Attention all members:
All areas of our flying site are to be mowed during the time of day of the mowers choosing.
All mowing must be done on the chosen day of the mower.
No flying is to be done when the scheduled mower comes to mow!


With help it takes approximately 1 hour to mow the entire site.
To expedite the mowing process, kindly move all aircraft, equipment and vehicles to allow the complete mowing of the entire field and pit area. Pitch in by removing and replacing the flight line fence and move the tables to allow the mower to mow under these areas. Grab the push mower from the shed and mow under the pavilion. 
If you would like to volunteer to fill in on the missing helper days please contact the scheduled mower. Thank you.



 Mower/Helper                                 First Mow Date                                    Second Mow Date

Tim Adams*/Vinny Sangalli                      5/6/17                                          8/19/17        

Ted Birgler/ ?                                            5/13/17                                       8/26/17

Danny Carozza/Vinny Sangalli               5/20/17                                         9/2/17

Mark Chamberlin*/Vinny Sangalli           5/27/17                                           9/9/17

Yuri Etsarev / Jimmy Ficara                    6/3/17                                            9/16/17

Jimmy Ficara/Tom Devino                     6/10/17                                           9/23/17

Bob Jones/Mike Behring                        6/17/17                                          9/30/17

Kim Lomeli*/Vinny Sangalli                    6/24/17                                         10/7/17

Brian Lorenz/ ?                                        7/1/17                                          10/14/17

Carl Mannucia/ Sons?                             7/8/17                                          10/21/17

Bob Miller*/Vinny Sangalli                        7/15/17                                        10/28/17                                              

Dan Moon/ ?                                             7/22/17                                        11/4/17

Jeff Schultz/ ?                                           7/29/17                                       11/11/17                

Evan Sellas/Bob McCallister                     8/5/17                                         11/18/17

Steve or Mary/ Steve or Mary                    8/12/17                                        11/25/17


*New member.

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Note: The Farm/Museum speed limit is only 5 MPH!